Cassandra's Eye

Elizabeth Gargano

November 1, 2019


Everyone has to grow up somewhere.

For Shanti Costello, it's Cassandra's Eye—the gallery founded by her father's art collective, and a libertine enclave in 1960s Portland, Maine. A place where high-minded ideals and base impulses merge across a vivid social canvas.

Now, as she nears the age when her own mother became an artist's wife, Shanti must choose between the bohemian dogma of her upbringing, the conservative safety of her aunt, or her own type of freedom in the world beyond The Eye.

Elizabeth Gargano has published short fiction and poetry, and is the recipient of a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Award for Fiction. She teaches in the English Department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Cassandra’s Eye is her first published novel.