Belle Lutte's Works

2016: Reality

The protagonist of each 2016 novel is struggling with their reality.  In Vince Wheeler’s The Things of Man, the realities that compose Brad Manford’s past may not be real at all. And, in Jim Naremore’s The Arts of Legerdemain as Taught by Ghosts, Steve Kozwa’s reality, for all of the magic and supernatural surrounding him, is as real as life can get.

2017/18: Society

Our 2017/18 publications offer illuminating portraits of society, but from very different vantage points.

In Near Haven by Matthew Sirois, the Reagan administration has forewarned of a coming global catastrophe: a comet will hit Earth in one year. With resources, supplies, and living necessities dwindling, people face suicide or hopeless survival, and as eternal institutions crumble, social norms are replaced by common violence. Tom Beaumont, quietly skeptical of doomsday, tries to find sanity in a society based on fear.

In Cassandra's Eye by Elizabeth Gargano, Shanti Costello is coming of age in 1969. As the societal pendulum begins to swing back from the counterculture of the 60's, Shanti navigates her way into adulthood, in-between her bohemian parents' artistic lifestyle and her consequence-wary Aunt Rose. Much as generations today differ in beliefs, Cassandra's Eye questions the proper value a society should place in emotions, culture, purpose, security, and social constructs.